A Recommender Framework in Python


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This project is maintained by Muriçoca Labs, and others.


About us

This is a community effort, and as such many people have contributed to it over the years.


This project was started in 2010 as a master thesis support project by Marcel Caraciolo. In 2011 Bruno Melo, Ricardo Caspirro joined Marcel Caraciolo as leaders of the project and also made the project as part of Muricoca Labs, a non-profitable organization specialized in open-source machine learning projects. Since then, the project has been updated.


  • Marcel Caraciolo , 2010
  • Bruno Melo, 2011
  • Ricardo Caspirro , 2011
  • Rodrigo Vieira , 2010 , Wiki Pages and Docummentation Support.

If I forgot anyone, do not hesitate to send me an email to and I’ll include you in the list.


Muricoca actively supports this project. It started since 2010 by Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo and migrated all the code for this labs.